Water Tankers

ZURICH’s commitment to excellence in quality and offering professional services is also reflected in our water quality and supply services. Supplying of fresh water through water tankers is one of our business hallmarks and through innovative techniques and a focus on hygiene; we have established ourselves as the de-facto brand for fresh water supply in UAE and Dubai in particular.

Water is supplied through a dedicated fleet of tankers. Zurich’s potable water tankers meet the Dubai Municipality quality requirements.  At present, we offer different types of water, namely High Purity Distilled Water, Potable Water, Reverse Osmosis Water (RO), TSE Water and Salt Water to construction sites, labour camps and the marine industry, where very a substantial number of tankers are served daily.

Zurich provides 4500/5000/10000/12000 imperial gallon tankers for water transportation. Our fleet of water tankers is well maintained in our personalized garage and is driven by qualified operators who are backed around-the-clock by a dedicated technical team.

Water Tankers are available for both short terms as well as long term requirement and also on weekly/monthly rental basis.