Zurich Transport prides itself on providing state-of-art high quality transportation services for a diverse clientele. We offers a wide range of land transportation services including specialized project movements, turnkey transportation, heavy-duty low bed and Super-cube trailers capable of carrying large volume more economically.

Our objective is to consistently provide our clients with safe, comprehensive, high quality transportation services which meet world class standards. Our operations are executed by teams of highly experienced and motivated personnel whose technical expertise guarantees the quality of the service. Emphasis is placed upon the adherence to our homogenous and comprehensive documentation and procedures to ensure that our standards of safety, quality and training are implemented and maintained at the highest standards.

Our fleet comprises a wide range of transportation vehicles ranging from Flatbed Trailers, Low Bed Trailers, Tipper Trucks, Refrigerated Freight Trailers and all kinds of Pickups. Zurich’s experience, proven track record and market leading reputation is its foundation for its future growth plans. Zurich Transport ability to identify opportunities, analyze and innovatively provide effective solutions to client’s requirements has its advantage over other competitors in the transportation industry.